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Monday, June 12, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

Those peonies are yummy. I especially like that yellow one. It looks so rich. Happy IAVOM.
Here we are having those 90degree days too. No rain in June yet. Not-a-drop. I hope that changes this week. Everything is drooping that the hose doesn't reach.

Linda Brazill

Up at 6 am yesterday and today schlepping hoses around for a few hours. No rain here either. Feels like August.

Barbara H.

Those make a lovely grouping. Hopefully rain this week, though it sounds like we might be in better shape than you, at least for now.


I love the way you move your vases around....and this week although all are looking lovely, the yellow one showing off the yellow Peony has my Vase of the Week award....I can't imagine anything more perfect.


Yes, the top photo of the yellow one shows it off brilliantly. Isn't it funny how misguided our memories can sometimes be? I sometimes think I should do a photographic record of all my actual vases, to make choosing one easier - and reminding myself what I have!


Beautiful as always. Peonies are such gorgeous flowers and you've used them well. Love your mugs!

Rae Kaiser

You inspire me to make and have a small bouquet on my desk every week.

Eliza Waters

Love the yellow peony and the fine little epimedium blooms dancing like little fairies in the air.
It's been terribly hot here as well. I put in a hour in the garden this morning and that was about all this body could take! I still have many transplants and a couple seed packets to get in the ground, but it'll have to wait 'til later in the day. Stay cool!

Kris P

Peonies! *SIGH* They need no adornment, yet you managed to dress them up in a way that complements but doesn't distract from their utter magnificence.

I was surprised to hear it was so hot in your part of the country. Other than a brief spell in early May, we've been spared the heat thus far but the forecasters have indicated it's coming. Our June Gloom is currently in retreat.

Amelia Grant

Your Peonies and vases are just lovely -it may be cooler in South Florida! Hope the weather settles down up there!


I love that yellow peony Linda! We also had heat just as the peonies opened and their season has been cut short. Good excuse to bring them indoors though. ;-)

Loree / danger garden

Simply perfect. Wind can be such a garden destroyer, not to mention the damage that heat can do.

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