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Monday, April 24, 2017


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I do admire this style of vase when I see one, and what a great idea to co-ordinate blooms with yours. As you say, the limited space is both a challenge and an easy option but it works well and it was great to see the range of yellow blooms you used. Thanks for sharing

Loree / danger garden

I've eyed that vase many a time and wouldn't have ever thought about the need to fill each opening separately with water. You've certainly done a nice job of filling them up!


I love your spring flowers displayed in this way. The vase itself is fabulous. I would buy one like a shot if I saw one.

Kris P

I've seen vases like this, albeit not in the color combination of yours. It's perfect with your cheerful spring blooms and I love the mix of bloom sizes you used, which adds another touch of whimsy to the arrangement.

Eliza Waters

Your double hellebores are impressive! I like the vase - it compliments your flowers very well.

Cindy at enclos*ure

That is a great vase, and great arrangement!

Amelia Grant

Sunny springy yellows, well done!

Lisa at Greenbow

I really like that new vase. It would be a pickle to fill it seems. Pretty first of the season flowers. Happy IAVOM.


Beautiful spring yellows. I have a blue/green version of this vase and love using it. Agree it would be handier if each section didn't need to be filled separately.

Nomads By Nature

Loving the vase! Your blooms set it off beautifully - such lovely warm cream and butter colors! I find I use an old ironing fill pitcher for precision pouring needs. We've held on to ours years after that particular iron went. If I ever see a vase like yours for sale I think I will grab it fast, even with having to top each section off individually.


I've seen vases like this for sale but have never seen one filled with flowers. Your charming display with matching flowers/vases is a celebration of the wonders of spring.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

I adore that! So charming. Please tell me what the daffodil on the far right with the small blooms going up the stem is. I'm enchanted with it.

Linda Brazill

It's actually a Hyacinth that I moved from sun to shade and it made them willowy and open. They used to be so fat they fell over.

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