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Friday, March 31, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

You make this sound like a good read. Something I could sink my eyes into.

Linda Brazill

Visually a treat. I just love reading about Brits who make amazing gardens like this.


You've sold me! Looks and sounds like an interesting book about an amazing couple and their garden and home.

Loree / danger garden

This looks like a good one for next winter, I must add it to my library list. Thank you!

Linda Brazill

Given how obsessive we are about our gardens, it's always fun to read about people who go way beyond us!

Barbara H.

I "looked inside" on Amazon and enjoyed the writing a lot. I'll have to put this on my list. Thanks, Linda!

Linda Brazill

He is an excellent writer.

rusty duck

Sounds like a book I should be reading. Don't go too romantic on England.. it's flippin' raining, AGAIN!

Linda Brazill

Since the beginning of the year we are almost double the normal rainfall. I think it must be raining everywhere.


Thank you, thank you for bringing this garden and this book to my attention. I have never heard of it. National Trust? That is my kind of dream garden-and a life's work for the Lawleys. Going to check on it right now.


Oh No! I just found out its in Northumberland. We visited several NT gardens there but not this one. I wonder if it was closed on the days we were there. That can be the only reason we didn't go. Maybe the book will have to suffice.

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