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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


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Loree / danger garden

Submit your list!!! Do it! You never know...

I had a GI subscription for awhile, then I let it lapse because of the cost. I still pick up an issue now or then and I have a pile of back issues in the basement that a friend gifted me. I really should be working through them faster!

Lisa at Greenbow

I would like to see your top 100 plants for the garden. I have the March issue of English Garden. I don't get to B&N often but when I do I usually pick up this mag. I don't think I have seen the Gardens Illustrated. I will look for it next I get to B&N. I like to read about other gardeners and the whys, whats, and wheres about their gardens. I guess that is why I like reading garden blogs.


They should publish your list next March! Thank goodness we can at least garden in our minds at this time of year.

Lynn Jacobson

We receive "Garden Design" and "Gardens Illustrated" in Schumacher Library at Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Members of the public are very welcome to come in and use our materials. Members of the botanical society may check them out. Schumacher Library receives about 40 journal titles.

rusty duck

So envious of your trilliums. I had one last two years and that was going some. :(

Linda Brazill

The yellow one has been very slow to enlarge but hasn't died. The T. albidum was coming up before we had a cold spell and this snow and this has been its first winter since being planted. Not sure what to expect.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

I know we've talked about the bad (so slow) and the good (just about everything else) in Gardens Illustrated, but I'm so happy they started included USDA hardiness zone information in the last year or so. Your trilliums are stunning, particularly that last one. I have to say they are up there with my favorite plants. I should get more.

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