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Thursday, February 16, 2017


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Barbara H.

That's a great sounding list of shrubs, Linda. I'm appreciating shrubs more and more. Thanks!

Lisa at Greenbow

What a nice selection of plants. I have had one of those willows before. It is tough as nails. I planted mine in a place where it simply outgrew the space alotted. For some reason my DB hated this plant so it had to go. I have had one of those dwarf Peris too. It was such a sweet plant. A dog we were sitting ate it. I mean the plant. She tore it to bits. She was a puppy and I guess it was very chewable. UGH... I have never replaced it. The blooms are so sweet. I have seen that little pancake Thuga in nurseries around here and almost bought it. I think you have chosen some really interesting plants. Good luck with them.

Linda Brazill

Most of these are new for me so I will see how it goes. But shrubs are a good way to lower maintenance in the garden — or so they say.

Linda Brazill

Luckily no dogs so that will help my success rate!

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

I love seeing your selections. They are so well researched and different from the the usual. I particularly like that Cornus. I'll be interested to see how your Bluestone order goes. I had good luck with their plants (and excellent customer service) but they were always so small.

Linda Brazill

I have really been paying attention to pot size so I am aware of what I will be getting and what I am paying for it. It's always a tossup when you want something that you can't find locally.

Loree / danger garden

All excellent but I'm especially fond of the Corns sanguinea 'Compressa', I have a small start given to me by a friend. It is a fabulous plant! (good fall color too)

Linda Brazill

Nice to hear from gardeners who have experience with some of these plants. Thanks.

rusty duck

Lower maintenance is a good idea, especially when we have large gardens to manage. The winterberry is lovely. A real statement shrub that keeps to a reasonable size.

Linda Brazill

I'm hoping it performs as good as it looks!

Beth @ PlantPostings

Lovely choices! I've ordered from Bluestone several times and have been happy with the products. I recently ordered several shrubs to replace a few invasive species (should have done this years ago, but the budget is better now than when the kids were in college). It will be fun to follow your posts about your new garden additions.

Linda Brazill

You'll have to write about what you are planting, too.


Since I'm in the midst of the yearly perennial cut-back chore, I'm seeing the wisdom of adding more shrubs to my garden too. Your choices are lovely.


I saved this for the weekend so I could spent more time with it. I am adding more shrubs for winter interest and lowering maintenance. We had a Pieris that didn't survive, but I think it was a late season bargain buy. Thanks so much for these ideas!


Great choices all! That Rubus is a beautiful color. I'll be on the lookout for one. I spent the better part of a day cutting down all of the large ornamental grasses in my garden all the while thinking that some of them might need to be replaced with something that doesn't require an annual haircut.

Linda Brazill

The Bluestone plants are really small. Check out Rare Find Nursery and Klehm's Song Sparrow, both of which have some great offerings at larger sizes. Pricey but good quality.

Linda Brazill

Far Reaches Farm has a beautiful white flowered Rubus that is thornless, though the leaves are a dark green.

sarah ross

The willow family has worked very well in my yard in various forms. Their habit and lace-like leaves are gorgeous--and they are very hardy in our northern illinois climate!

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