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Monday, January 02, 2017


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Barbara H.

Lovely, as usual. I'm so glad your cuttings are rooting. That's always a happy occurance.


Your snowmen are perfect props for the miraculous foliage. Here's hoping for a mild winter for you!


I do like your window display, Linda - especially the vase with face and your cute snowmen! The choice of foliage you have used reminds just how attractive vases can be even without blooms - thanks for sharing

Linda from Each Little World

​Barbara — Now I just have to keep them from getting some kind of houseplant bug.

Linda from Each Little World

Cathy — As you know, it's always a bit of a balancing act finding an attractive vase but not so pretty it overshadows the bouquet!

Loree / danger garden

Rooting Hibiscus cuttings, well that's interesting! Hope you'l have them blooming next summer! I love all three of those vases...

Kris P

I love that face vase - it looks great with everything you put in it. Best wishes for a happy and happy new year, Linda!

Amelia Grant

I love a little foliage in the afternoon and the vase is a real treat! Happy New Year.

Lisa at Greenbow

Fun to see that your cuttings have survived until now. You will have all sorts of hibiscus this summer.

Linda from Each Little World

​Lisa — I would be more than happy if I can get those cuttings to make it through the winter. I have been buying a good-sized plant each Spring and it would be nice to grow my own for a change.


Hi Linda, just found your blog on Rambling in the Garden, where I showed my own vase today as well.
I love the leave cuttings in the middle vase with the face. So simple and still so beautiful.
I also love the vases to the very right and left. They would be wonderful for displaying just a single flower. I could see those in my own house, too.
Happy New Year to you!
Warm regards,

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