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Monday, January 30, 2017


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Cindy at enclos*ure

That is wonderful! (But what is the woman in the photographs panels eating?)

Linda from Each Little World

Cindy — ​I think she is eating a plum or something like it.


A stunning piece by itself but it would, indeed look fabulous adorned with tulips.

Lisa at Greenbow

This huge blue and white vase is a doozy. It certainly can stand on it's own. What color of tulips would you put in it? You would have to have quite a few, 36 if I counted right. Then another question is what is that person eating? Tulips you think? I sometimes think a flower is pretty enough to eat. What does that make me?? haha we won't go there. ;)

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — ​I think she might be eating a plum or maybe an apple. Looks like something round with a tight skin. I was thinking white or orange tulips and probably double or peony flowered so they would be big and dramatic flowerhead. People resorted to eating tulip bulbs in the Netherlands during the last winter of the Second World War

Nomads By Nature

That is the most bizarre vase I've ever seen - but I bet it is absolutely stunning when full of tulips. After a tour in The Hague I have a huge fondness for tulip bouquets. They just make you happy.

Barbara H.

Well, might she actually be eating a tulip bulb? This is an amazing piece of pottery - thanks for sharing.

Linda Brazill

Wow, Barbara! Had not even thought of that.


What an amazing article - and what a take on a traditional tulipiere or flower brick. Not sure it would be practcal though, because of the curve of the openings - but I don't suppose it was designed to be used! Thanks so much for sharing it

Loree / danger garden

Wow. Now that's a statement piece.

Kris P

That's an incredible piece, Linda. I commented on your march post too but I'm not sure it went through - kudos to you and your family!


Who needs flowers with a vase like that!! I think this is amazing, but not exactly beautiful. The image on the front is certainly unusual!

Eliza Waters

Wow, that is a stunning and novel piece of functional art. So glad you shared it!


The original tulip vases from the time of Tulipmania (when a single bulb might cost as much as a house) were designed to hold a different variety of tulip in each hole. If you had 36 tulips you would be very rich indeed! The modern interpretation is very striking.

Linda Brazill

Christina — Thanks for giving us more to think about. I am always surprised at how much I initially think of things as they are now rather than how they might have been in the past.

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