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Monday, December 12, 2016


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Barbara H.

Lovely. I've never thought of buying pomegranates and letting them dry like that. It sounds like a perfect evening.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your "stuff" looks very holiday with the red and lights. Doesn't a good snow storm add an exciting tension to a gathering? I just love it.Happy Monday.

Linda from Each Little World

​Barbara —The pomegranates lose a lot of bright color when they dry and they shrink down. Every now and then one gets moldy before it totally dries but usually I don't have any problems. Some of them are quite old.

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — I must admit that I enjoyed the snow more knowing that I did not have to drive home in it! Luckily they do not live very far from our house.


Linda, it's lovely to surround yourself with special decorations for the holidays. Do you have any tips for drying pomegranates. Bought one before Thanksgiving that I haven't used and it seems to be drying on its own. The Tom Sargeant work is terrific.

Linda from Each Little World

​Susie — I usually just set them on a paper towel in my pantry which is off the dining room and has louvered doors. So they get air circulation but limited light and it's not too hot or cold. I think too much moist heat will make them rot. I check them periodically to see how they're doing and if they have any soft spots. I've actually had some get a bad spot but then it all dried up and just left a black mark on the outside of the pomegranate.

Tom Sergeant and I were in a number of summer art classes so it is very nice to own such a lovely piece by an artist whose progress I got to watch.


Delicious food, stunning, festive surroundings, good friends, and casual dress coalesce to create a perfect evening. Your style is always an inspiration!

Linda from Each Little World

Peter — Thanks for those kind words.

Loree / danger garden

I dried my first pomegranates simply by accident of laziness. I think it's time I do it again! I love those bright festive cherries, are they glass?


What a lovely evening you must have had, and your bowl of 'stuff' is really pretty. I like the idea of drying pomegranates and will perhaps give it a try - and see what else I could dry too as I have the perfect dish for them that would lovely on a winter table. Thanks for sharing


I do love a house full of Christmas decorations, especially old favourites. I try to make or buy new ones each year, just a few, so that I too can have a cheery, festive abode! The dried pomegranates are gorgeous. I am not sure I could let one go uneaten though! If I see any going cheap I might try it, though I have had another idea of using the shells once scooped out. Thank you for the inspiration.

Linda from Each Little World

Loree. - Not sure what material the cherries are. Not glass and very lightweight. Perhaps papier mache with an almost lacquerd finish.

Kris P

Everything is beautifully arranged, Linda, and I've no doubt your guests felt that the trip on the wintry roads was worth it. All those small touches pack a powerful impact.

Amelia Grant

Sounds like a wonderful dinner party. And I love your pomegranate bowl.

Eliza Waters

I love this bowl of goodies with the mini-lights, Linda. I love pomegranates, too, but more to eat than to dry. ;)

Beth @ PlantPostings

Very nice. What better time is there to go over the top than now? The weather outside might be frightful, but your hearth is certainly delightful. Beautiful!

Linda from Each Little World

Beth — Nice nod to both our weather and holiday tunes!

Cath from Absent Gardener

Beautiful, it looks very festive and sounds like a very cosy and happy holiday atmosphere.

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