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Monday, December 26, 2016


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Gorgeous as always! What a clever way to have holly, a weed here, in your climate. Love the container.


The fresh boxwood is a great addition to your vignette. What a fine container you found for it in the pate bowl.


It must be a tedious job, threading the berries onto witre, but very effective - and less prickly than on holly stems!! It is indeed an intriguing bowl they are in, and a great receptacle for greenery

Kris P

The green and red stand out well in that white bowl. Am I right that the bowl has a smiling face?

Linda from Each Little World

​Kris — the bowl has four lion paw feet that slightly raise it up and a dimensional face on each side. Very quirky.

Amelia Grant

Nothing beats boxwood for greenery and I love the pate bowl.

Lisa at Greenbow

Sweet gift.
I thought you might be hallucinating when I glanced at the post when it popped up and I saw you were talking to Rumi. I figured you had had too much candy. ;) Then I read on...

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