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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

Already ordering flowers. That is getting a good start on the new gardening year.

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — ​For three years I've waited too long to order that Eryngium. It says it self-seeds so I hope I don't regret it down the line.

Loree / danger garden

I envy you, your catalogue shopping. I just can't rationalize the shipping charges since we've got so many wonderful nurseries all around.

Linda from Each Little World

​Loree — As you know last year I was ordering from nurseries in northern California and the PNW which have things that are harder to find around here. Plus, the longer one gardens the more one goes looking for the usual. Not just any Hellebores or Epimediums or Erythroniums will do! I am going to mostly concentrate on ferns, bulbs and shrubs in 2017 assuming I have any room left.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Ah, yes! Time to start shopping! I do have several shrub selections planned, to replace non-native invasives. I also plan to, again, grow many annuals from seed. Thanks for sharing the Calatrava info and the Brise Soleil video. Awesome architectural treasure! I think I will take a field trip over there when the weather is a little warmer. Cheers!


I had no idea the Knockout Rose was bred in the Milwaukee area.

Your pictures of the MAM are quite timely as we are headed there tomorrow. My 4th grader is working on a school art class project to earn a trip in May to the Art Institute in Chicago. I was pushing for a visit over break to the MOWA to see the David Lenz exhibit before it is over , but you can't compete with the Calatrava architecture in the mind of an elementary student, so MAM it is.

I waited too long for a certain variety of basil,last year. Thanks for the reminder to get on the ball.

Linda from Each Little World

Michelle - So much great art at MAM. We love the outsider art. So quirky and personal. Have fun.


The first plant order is a sure sign that spring is on the way. Looks like a gorgeous rose and it's namesake is amazing. Thanks for sharing that sparkling jewel of your region. Awesome!

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