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Monday, November 21, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

I am amazed that you could find material for 4 vases at this time of year. I looked at all of my hellebores for signs of some sort of bloom. None must be this type of hellebore. I will have to wait until late winter for some blooms of hellebore. They all look so cheery. Happy Monday.


These are all lovely. I especially like the last one, but they are all similar and reflect your unique aesthetic.


Just look at those different shades in the last vase - delightful, and such a pretty shape of vase too! It seems strange to see your hellebore blooms - is it H niger and is this when they usually flower? You have found such interesting things to fill your vases, despite what you thought. Thanks for sharing

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa and Cathy — This is a fall blooming Hellebore: H. niger. We need a warm fall for it to ever manage to flower.​ I got this a long time ago from Seneca Hill Perennials and she called it a "Thanksgiving" Hellebore, meaning that's when it bloomed. My other Hellebores all bloom in the spring.​

Loree / danger garden

I love all of these! That vase with the hellebore blooms is fabulous (the vase and the blooms with it) and then the foliage gathered in the other vases is all so perfect together.

Eliza Waters

Love that moon vase, Linda - so cool. The portrait lighting on the middle two lift them to art - beautiful!

Linda from Each Little World

​Loree — The vase with the Hellebores has a bird in a pale blue circle on the other side so it's a fun one to switch back and forth.

Linda from Each Little World

Eliza — My husband took these photos which is why they turned out so beautifully!

Amelia Grant

Well done!amazing what you can find if you keep looking around. I love the contrasting foliage colors and textures and the Calamintha which is unfamiliar to me.
I like all the vases, especially the first one, do Hellebores usually flower in the fall?

Kris P

All four arrangements are beautiful, Linda. I don't think I can pick a favorite, although I LOVE that first vase with the face. Your foliage creations are exceptional- the colors are perfectly balanced in the last one and I'm surprised at how much I like the ferns with Arum leaves.

Linda from Each Little World

Kris — Quite a few of the hardy ferns I grow stay good looking until they get buried by the snow. Despite the frosts my Autumn Fern looks fabulous.


Lots of vase-worthy treasures for the end of November in your neck of the woods! Great foliage/vase pairings & I especially liked the moon vase with hellebore coiffure (moonbeams?)


All lovely, but that last arrangement is absolutely stunning - love it!

Barbara H.

Your foliage arrangements are lovely. You always have such lovely pottery and you show it off to the best advantage of the pottery and the foliage. Great photos, Mark!

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