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Monday, October 24, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

How about that little froggie that went to hopping? I think that is the cutest thing. You always have the most interesting items to display. I enjoy hearing their stories. How they come into your life and how you give them life.

Eliza Waters

A beautiful display of the colors of autumn, Linda. It helps me focus on the best of the season (instead of the end of summer warmth and a prelude to dreaded winter). A varied and well-chosen collection that ties together so well.


Oh what glorious props to accompany your autumnal vase - so tactile. My Mum has been drying leaves in glycerine which preserves them for longer and perhaps I should investigate what blooms and leaves can be dried ths way - have you tried it?


A perfect late October grouping. The colors and shapes are delicious together and sing of autumn's beautiful decay. Happy new week!

Loree / danger garden

Again I am happy to read the sun is shining somewhere, since it certainly isn't here (6.94" of rain thus far in Oct). I love your golden vase composition, but most of all the fact that bronze container waited for you for an entire year! What are the chances?

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa and Loree — ​I kept looking at a gorgeous Asian ceramic frog and when I finally decided to buy it, it was gone. It's pretty rare things stick around that long. I've now bought three frogs because I missed my chance for the one I really wanted!

Kris P

It's a wonderful vignette, Linda. I'm almost surprised by how much I like the dried dahlia and its companions in that lovely vase. My itchy fingers usually have me cutting back materials in the garden and throwing out vase materials that appear past their prime but I'm coming to understand that flowers and other plants have an afterlife, if given half a chance. I remember a quote by a landscaper or botanist (whose name I can't recall) to the effect that brown is a color too.

Linda from Each Little World

Kris — My husband and I like wood fired stoneware pottery and rusty bits, so brown arrangements tend to appeal to us.


Linda, I like the golden glow of your dried arrangement and how your collected items are used to compose the scene. The raku piece is wonderful.


What a beautiful and interesting collection of pieces. I have clearly been throwing my dahlias away too fast!

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