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Monday, October 17, 2016


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Beauty is everywhere. Really like the vase you used to showcase the oak.

Lisa at Greenbow

Very nice. I love brown. I bring in Sea Oats for winter drama...they dry to a lovely shade of brown. Great combo.

Linda from Each Little World

Susie — We have lots of dark vases made by local potters. This one has quite a purplish cast to it.

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — ​I bet they look great. I grew them for a while but the reseeded too much. I've heard the variegated version doesn't do that as much so maybe I will try them one of these days.

Eliza Waters

You and Peter at Outlaw Gardener had the same idea - I love the bronzes, russets and browns of fall.
I planted Cherry Cola this spring and it has been marvelous. I think I'll be getting more next spring. :)

Linda from Each Little World

Eliza — I have had good luck with most Heucheras so I am very excited about Cherry Cola.

Loree / danger garden

Brown is a color, and one of my favorites.


Gorgeous flowers on that heuchera - and such endearingly short spikes too. I like the way you were able to pick out the colours from the painting. Thanks for sharing


The drama of the painting fits your arrangement perfectly! Nicely done.


A very atmospheric arrangement today Linda. Love the Heuchera as the finishing touch - I am a great fan of them as they look good most of the winter too. I think you may start a trend with brown becoming a very popular colour in the next few months...

Kris P

The oak branch is the perfect accent for your husband's painting. The Heuchera provides a pretty note too. I wish Heuchera held up better here...

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