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Monday, August 08, 2016


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Creative use of plants for indoor arrangements.

Lisa at Greenbow

I love when a bouquet lasts longer than the party. I always wonder why I don't more often make bouquets for us. Your maidenhair fern makes me swoon. I so wish I could grow it. Maybe I will try growing it in a pot next year. Happy Monday.

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — Eventually I am going to put that fern in the garden but it's been in the pot for most of the summer and doing very well.


These are charming. Often for dinner parties I don't worry if the flowers last beyond the evening, but it's a treat when some do well for days and more. Lilium 'Henryii' is attractive. /susie


How good to see all these different vases - and coincidentally I used some sedum like this in a posy for a friend yesterday and wondered why I had never thought to cut it at this stage before. The thalictrum looks especially gorgeous, but what a shame it didn't last. My plants are too new to spare blooms from yet! Thanks for sharing today and I hope everyone enjoyed the evening!

Linda from Each Little World

Cathy — Funny how we can have plants and only mentally see them one way and then suddenly wake up and notice them! We had a great evening, thank you.

Loree / danger garden

Oh that is a fun collection! One of the best parts of having people over is putting fresh flowers/foliage all around the house.

Kris P

You always go a great job at pairing your vessels and their contents, Linda. The sedum arrangement in your new gold vase is just perfect.

Amelia Grant

I like all the vases, especially the vase on the table. Greens can be underappreciated sometimes, although the Henryi Lily is a beauty.

Eliza waters

I love to have little vases spread around the house, it lifts the spirits. Yours are especially lovely, particularly the lily - what a great color.

Beth @ PlantPostings

You have so many interesting vases and containers, and the plants you choose always work so well as arranged. That first one is especially creative, and thanks for the idea to use the sedums in arrangements. I've used them in flower before, but never in green bud phase. Nice.


Lovely arrangements. The green in green arrangement on the table is especially appealing. Great idea to bring in a potted plant just for the evening.

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