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Monday, August 01, 2016


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The new vase is exceptionally beautiful. Good choice! The dill is a perfect color and texture for the inaugural arrangement.


Beautiful vase, beautiful arrangement!

Lisa at Greenbow

OOps, I am having trouble with your website. It might be on my end. We had power outage and all electrically is screwy here.
I don't know if my other comment went or not. If this is a duplicate you can delete it. Anyway, I said...
The flowers look like a part of the vase. Both are beautiful. Great combination.

Loree / danger garden

That! I would have had difficulty resisting it too.


I haven't heard of that allium before - it makes a lovely combination with the fennel and of course the vase itself is beautiful!

Linda from Each Little World

Cathy — That allium is a local favorite which you see in many private and public gardens in this area.

Eliza waters

What an exquisite vase!

Kris P

That's a wonderful vase, Linda! I don't think I'd have been able to leave it behind either - I love the color as well as the shape. The dill makes a nice filler. I believe that's what keeps popping up in a couple areas of my garden but I've been afraid to let it take off.

Linda B.

Kris - I planted dill last year though people said I might regret it. Not one plant came back this year!

Beth @ PlantPostings

Nice arrangement and a stunning vase! Thanks to you and a mail order, I added quite a few 'Summer Beauty' Alliums last year (and some other Alliums, too), and many of them are blooming now. They're wonderful! Thanks!


Oh, I do like that - simple and pretty. And the pollen adds to the slightly sparkly effect of your new vase. :)

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