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Monday, July 18, 2016


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Cindy at enclos*ure

Beautiful arrangement -- and the teahouse looks amazing!

Lisa at Greenbow

I rather like the first one with all included. Of course I have never been accused of being a less is more kind of person. :) Happy Monday.

Linda from Each Little World

Thanks, Cindy.

Linda from Each Little World

Lida — More often than not I am a more is more person also — especially in the garden.


Beautiful! And I think with a real tea house to display it we will all be convinced it's an authentic arrangement Linda! I think I like the middle version best, but would not have thought the grass was out of place either. :)

Donna@Gardens Eye View

That is so stunning the first makes quite a statement....but equally gorgeous without the flower too!

Loree / danger garden

Do I have to choose? I love them all, and appreciate the visual of seeing the pieces subtracted.


Well now, having a proper tokonoma to house your arrangements - what luxury. Gorgeous


Oh I had to smile as I read your post, and I love the 'by-guess-and-by-golly' phrase!! I think my vases all fall into that category ;)It was indeed intriguing to see the first one being reduced but I don't think I could say which one I liked the best. And top marks for being the only blogger who displayed their ikebana vase in a Japanese tea house!

Susan Adler Sobol

Living sculpture! And the tea house is just the perfect setting!

Linda from Each Little World

Joanna — Thanks for your comment. Not many people know the proper name for areas in a Tea House. I'm impressed.

Linda from Each Little World


​Since we have a Tea House I felt I really had to do an arrangement even if I was a week late!​

Kris P

I like the all-in (first) arrangement best. And kudos on its placement! I rankle a bit with rules for flower arranging too and also questioned myself through the ikebana exercise.


So lovely Linda. Your tea house is a beautiful setting. I liked each stage and when I read you considered removing the lily I thought surely it it the focal point, but I love the last iteration. Clean and fresh.

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