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Monday, July 25, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

This poor dahlia has had quite a time trying to flower. It looks gorgeous in this vase. I think dahlias are so pretty, they aren't fussy and they can make an impact. Your pretty peach dahlia is a delight.

Linda from Each Little World

It has been pretty painless to grow. I think I was supposed to do some pinching out to get more flowers. But I am very happy for my first Dahlia experience.


Behind every cloud there is a silver lining...sorry about the cliche! And out of your silver vase the sunny Dahlia glows....Such a perfect arrangement, anything else would have been superfluous.

Linda from Each Little World

Noelle — ​Thanks for your comments. You are absolutely right about anything else being superfluous!

Loree / danger garden

So if you are able to get the correct name for your beautiful Dahlia will you order more?

Linda from Each Little World

Loree — ​Probably. Though it is my understanding that Dahlias make new tubers pretty quickly so I am hoping I won't have to actually spend any money to get more plants.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

Now that is one perfect dahlia in a stunning vase!

Kris P

It's a gorgeous dahlia, Linda, and it's clear it wants to bloom! Despite its beauty, I'd be irritated at the grower. Upon receipt of your gracious letter, I hope the grower sends you a 'Cafe au Lait' to make things right.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Oh yes, that Dahlia looks fabulous in your garden. And it's perfect as a cut flower, too.


It does indeed look perfect in that vase - and would you have cut it for a vase if the stems hadn't been broken...? Yes, I would email the seller with a photo of yours and make sure you get a Cafe au Lait for free from them next year. Well done on your success so far - I started with one but now add new favourites most years.


Too bad about the mix-up but your dahlia is quite gorgeous. 'Cafe au Lait' is lovely and I would like to grow it.


Poor dahlia. Whatever it is, it's a beauty and your silver vase is perfect for the blooms! I've been seeing 'Cafe au Lait' blooming in pots at local nurseries quite a bit this year and certainly understand its popularity.


It makes for a beautiful cut flower, and with dahlias the more you cut the more blooms you get, so win win?
I do like it with the lily, which btw is very impressive. Glad the storm didn't bring you anything worse than the one downed branch and a whole lot of tousled perennials.

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