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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

Oh my, this gets my collecting senses fired up. I love geraniums. I have several but they don't reproduce as I wish they would. Maybe I just need to plant more of them. :)


I love hardy geraniums! I have several, but have had to move them around to find spots where they thrive. I don't think I could be successful with a huge swath like you have, though I certainly would love it!


LInda, what a great post on hardy geraniums. I've been thinking of moving some of my macrorrhyzums down to the roadside garden and you answered my question about their resistance to road salt. They are the only geranium that the deer don't eat here and I love the foliage even when they are not in bloom.

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa and Kristin — I have had the best luck with Geranium macrorrhizum by far. And you are looking at 15 years worth of growth at least!

Loree / danger garden

The photo of the hidden path, wow. That's beautiful! I still remember discovering there were hardy Geraniums, as it wasn't that long ago. I have a grand total of two: G. maculatum 'Elizabeth Ann' and G. phaeum 'Samobor'.

Linda from Each Little World

Loree — ​I like the leaf splotches on G. phaeum 'Samobor'​ which the new phaeums I am getting don't have. Can't have everything in ​one plant, I guess.


You've created some exceptional plantings, I'm looking forward to the moss garden redo more than ever!
Apparently I don't give my own geraniums as much credit as I should. Maybe I should be adding a few more as well... even though I must admit I was looking at pelargoniums just this morning :)

Linda from Each Little World

Frank — Don't be fooled by all this talk of hardy Geraniums. I ordered three Pelargoniums from Avant Gardens in MA. They were sold out last year so I am excited. Hoping I can overwinter them after the outdoor season.

rusty duck

Ummm.. Loving 'Chocolate Chip'!
The macrorrhizums would work well in some of my sloping borders.

Linda from Each Little World

Jessica — My slope is not as steep as yours but they do seem to do a good job of holding it. Actually it is a bit steep just so much shorter than yours which is really a hill. I love the color variations in the phaeum varieties.​

Beth @ PlantPostings

Aha, I guess you have enough Geraniums. Never mind. ;-) They are beautiful. I have quite a few straight species Geraniums here, mixed with other perennials in various parts of the garden. Enjoy your shopping and dreaming! Spring will be here before we know it!

Linda from Each Little World

Beth — the morning bird song suggests how close we are to Spring.

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