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Monday, January 04, 2016


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Loree / danger garden

Excellent use of what's available! We've got a coating of snow and ice right now, I'm lucky to have gathered my garden cuttings before it fell.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

A lovely trio of of foliage to look toward the garden year. Love these.


You didn't mention the S-word in your comment though, Linda! These little vases are gorgeous whatever their content - so tactile - and it will be fun finding snippets to pop into them whilst the snow covers most of your garden. Thanks for sharing

Kris P

The trio of vases has held up well. I love that ceramic snowman with the twig arms!

Lisa at Greenbow

Very good for January. Happy Monday.


Great use of what is available, dried flowers will be on my list for vases soon too. the vases themselves are beautiful so whatever you find to put in them is shown to advantage; Happy New Year!

Beth @ PlantPostings

Very nice. Perfect for January in Wisconsin and for the vase meme. The snowmen are so cute.

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