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Thursday, December 10, 2015


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Cindy at enclos*ure

"Hand-stitched" is wonderful.

Jane Miller

Love the description of Maynard's current garden tying together my love of textiles and gardening.

rusty duck

That second image with the green and white is just gorgeous. It relaxes me just looking at it.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Oh lovely. That Maynard book looks like the kind of thing I'd go back to time and time again, especially in the darkest part of winter.

Lisa at Greenbow

I am not familiar with this gardener. The books sounds like a good read. I love the quote about his latest garden. I can just see the stump work.

Linda from Each Little World

Erin — ​It's definitely a book to lose yourself in!

Jessica — There is a whole section on that garden. That image just whets your appetite.

Linda from Each Little World

Jane — ​For those of us who love both textiles and gardens, I just stopped in my tracks when I read that description. Too perfect!


Those pictures are so soothing.

Linda from Each Little World

Rae — It is a dreamy book.

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