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Monday, December 21, 2015


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Donna@Gardens Eye View

A fabulous arrangement....I love the jardiniere and the other plant material you included. That cookie tree is just darling too! Happy Holidays.


So much to see and admire here Linda - your poinsettia is transformed with the added extras, the pinks and browns adding the subtlety that the poinsettia lacks. The little tree with cookies is a great idea which I might copy sometime - and your huge Lohan is stunning although I had to google to find out what he was. Thanks for sharing everything today and best wishes to you and yours.

Linda from Each Little World

Thanks, Cathy. The cookies are a few years old. They were kept in a tin in the fridge. But since they've been on the tree, they've just been stored as is in a closet.

Eliza waters

Beautiful Roseville vase, its colors complimented by the pink poinsettia arrangement. I love the mini-cookie tree - such a great idea. The whole vignette is splendid!

Kris P

I love the whole ensemble, Linda! The statice does do a great job of toning down the poinsettia, while also making a wonderful accent. That cookie tree is charming too but the Lohan puts it over the top!

Loree / danger garden

Hmm, I thought that the photo of the poinsettia composition was lovely, but that last image is also pretty magnificent.

So are the cookies permenant? (art) and is the tree made of curled paper?

Lisa at Greenbow

A most elegant poinsettia.

Ann @ Ann Edwards Photography

such a lot of inspiration here for festive arrangements and love the idea of painting a wall to match a favourite plant!

Linda from Each Little World

Loree — My sister-in-law and I both got the cookies as gifts from a wonderful local artist, Rumi O'Brien, at least four years ago. She intended us to eat them but we couldn't do it. Mine are still in the fridge, but Sara put hers on this tree and gave it to me at Xmas 2014. Since then it has been living in a closet not even covered up. I wrote about the cookies and the tree here:

Sara bought the tree and it is a dowel on a base with other thin sticks in inserted into it. All covered with curled strips of paper with print on them, maybe fro a book.


Lovely vignette! I like your blog overall, and through you I've discovered the Monday Vase meme, which I just tried out though posted a day late. Glad to know about it.

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