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Monday, October 05, 2015


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Linda, your flowers, vases and staging are all interesting. The Japanese Usubata is a fascinating piece.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your vases are as beautiful as the flowers. I think the foliage of all of my toad lilies look half dried up. Not pretty at all. The toad lilies look fabulous in the big vase. Happy Vase on Monday.

Linda from Each Little World

The foliage on half of my toad lilies looks great and the other half is quite browned. Can't figure out why as the worst ones are in shade which I would have thought is the solution to the problem.


Thank you for continuing to show us that smaller scale vases are not a poor relation of larger arrangements.I do like to see multiple vases used as one unit like these, and how intriguing to hear about your vintage vase. Thanks for sharing

Kris P

The vases, small and large, are elegant and beautiful, Linda. I like how you've used a piece of decorative stone under the smaller vases to reinforce your treatment of them as a unit. And I love the toad lilies! They don't grow here, although I did once try to push my zone and introduced a couple of plants purchased by mail order into my former shady garden. Needless to say, they weren't happy and didn't live long.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

You have really created some beautiful vases with the toad lilies. Especially the series of 3...very artistic.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Very nice--both the smaller grouping of three on the marble(?) slab and the larger vase full of Tricyrtis and Heuchera flowers. These arrangements look very professional. :)


I have learnt something new about Japanese Pots today...the smaller vases are lovely...and the flowers are the stars too.

Linda from Each Little World

​Thanks, Beth! That is an old broken piece of marble that I seem to find a million ways to use. I'm always careful not to put vases on good furniture without something protective under them. This way it's part of the composition and practical as well.

Ann Edwards Photography

wow, that vase is truly beautiful! I love the simplicity of the flowers in the trio of vases.

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