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Monday, October 12, 2015


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Donna@Gardens Eye View

Isn't it amazing how wonderful our gardens are and the surprises they continue to give us. Your fall vases are simply beautiful! I love the colors and foliage.

Anca Tîrcă

I love your vases, they are perfect to enjoy an autumn week!

Lisa at Greenbow

Good job finding something blooming or that has bloomed. Happy Monday Vase Day.


Again you have made the colours sing...I love the golds of the leaves with the magenta of the primrose..the other vase is quite a contrast to the first one...but the form, airiness and space is great...I need to work on those aspects on mine, so you have inspired me for next week maybe.

Kris P

It's funny what you find in the garden if you really look, isn't it? Still, I'm amazed that you're seeing primrose so early but then I've noticed that the foliage of my Freesias has already appeared even though, for all practical purposes, it's still summer here.

Linda from Each Little World

Noelle, Thanks for your kind words about my arrangement. It's nothing compared to your gorgeous roses!

Linda from Each Little World

​Kris, Normally I will not see Primroses until May. I think the rain and the warm September and October weather has fooled them. Only three of them sent up flowers but still, that is a bit of a shock for this time of year in the Midwest.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Yeah, it's been an amazing summer and fall. Wow. I actually was kind of emotional about it the other day. When it's like this I realize why I live here. How fun to find the Primroses! I saw some wispy foliage of Crocuses the other day, but I think a rabbit ate them. Hope the bulbs will still product next spring. You have the most interesting vases and combinations! Wonderful.

Loree / danger garden

Both are perfectly fit for a sunny autumn day, and I must admit to admiring the vases themselves as much as the arrangements.

Linda from Each Little World

Loree and Beth — A couple of years ago I sold about 15 or 20 vases (lots of tiny groupings) at our last garage sale. Barely a drop in my vase "bucket". I've always done arrangements so always have a reason to add to my collection! Most are pottery which look especially good in fall.


It's such a joy to find these little surprise treasures hidden around the garden, isn't it! Lovely compositions. :)

Ann @ Ann Edwards Photography

I love these colours and textures - they really shout autumn/fall.

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