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Monday, September 28, 2015


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Very elegant, perfect arrangement in the Japanese style. I've yet to try this style of arrangement but I do admire it very much.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

A lovely autumn vase with that yellow toad lily. I miss toad lilies as they don't seem to like my garden here. I agree the arrangement is very nicely structured and the fern is a perfect addition.


Definitely elegant, like Christina said, and such an attractive combination of colours too, so well chosen. Thanks for sharing.

rusty duck

That is lovely Linda. It's the sort of arrangement I should think about doing.. I struggle to find enough blooms for vases full of flowers.

Kris P

Nicely done, Linda, and proof that "less is more." I've always admired toad lilies but unfortunately they won't grow here.

Lisa at Greenbow

What a beautiful toad lily. I didn't know there was a yellow one. OOOooo you have given me a bad case of the wants. This is a pretty arrangement. Well done. Happy Vase Day. I didn't get one arranged. I have been running around all day. Busy busy...


Your 'Golden Gleam' toad lily is a wonderful discovery. I like the pairing of it with the fern. Beautiful arrangement.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Very nice! The thing I enjoyed most about this arrangement is the varied textures and weights of the blooms and the foliage.


Love the arrangement, so delicate yet strong.
I was just telling someone the other day how I generally am not impressed by toad lilies. Looks like I might have to keep the mind open just a little bit longer, that's a nice one!

Linda from Each Little World

Thanks for all these lovely comments and compliments. I have a number of Japanese containers and books on Ikebana, but I find it hard to use most of the containers to best advantage. I think this is one of my better results.

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