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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


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Christine @ The Gardening Blog

A lovely display! Your heirlooms are too beautiful.
Happy GBBD :)


Thanks for showing us this shimmery display. It must make you happy just walking into the room.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Gosh, that's beautiful (and a very creative GBBD, which I completely forgot about ... again.)

I'm thrilled with the lack of snow, although I know several people who really want a white Christmas. I know the snow will come eventually and I'm in no hurry for that to happen (although I have to say the larger implications for such a dramatic weather shift have me a bit concerned). I do sort of wish it would stop raining though!


Perennial flowers - ones that last generations! So lovely!

Lisa at Greenbow

How very christmasy of you with all that glitter. Doesn't that glitter brighten up these overcast winter days? Love it. Happy GBBD.

Dorothy/Gardening with Nature

What a creative Bloom Day post. Just lovely.


You must take your blooms where they are found. Happy GBBD!


What a wonderful arrangement! So no snow yet? I never minded it until about mid-January. My uncle actually mentioned you when I was back in Madison this October. I think you might have known my parents :)


Lovely black and white photography. The flower theme and the "holiday" silver were just right for a December post.


Thanks for all your nice comments. Once it is winter here, I admit that Mark and I really try hard to come up with a Bloom Day post that is floral but a bit unexpected!


A lovely look inside with sparkle and glitz. The antique bath items are beautiful, such detailed work that you rarely see now a days. I like how you made the photos B&W, it makes the items period-like.

Julie Siegel

Well, well. Think this is my favorite post yet! Yes: my neighbor pointed out a fall-blooming witchhazel in the median in front of Northwestern's Administrative bldgs.

Carolyn Garofalo

I was shocked after researching for weeks, trying to gather information on one of my brushes. I must say, your collection is very beautiful! The brush you show, with the lady on the bottom, is my exact brush as well. I would be honored if you could tell me a little more about that brush. I have searched EVERYWHERE, to find the lady (on the bottom) with the EXACT designs. Would you please help me? Thankyou for sharing this, most deeply. Carolyn

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