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Thursday, June 23, 2011


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Lisa at Greenbow

All that hard work has paid off beautifully. You are blessed to have such an angel to work with you.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

It's gorgeous. Paths certainly are a lot of work but I think it is one of the few things in the garden that has instant payback once you finally do it.

Good job. Wish Mark would have come to my house to help with the path!

Barbara H.

What a big job - tough to do in that kind of heat! It looks splendid. Good work!


The path looks beautiful. I admire how thoughtful you both are in the planning and execution of this big job, and it sure is worth it!


Your weather sounds more like something we would experience down here. In fact it would be welcome after the past week. Anyway, the sweat was worth it, as the path is beautiful, and it shows off the plants too.

Jeanne Heuer

Hmm, do you find the gravel stays in place better? We have wood chips. It looks great but I would think the gravel would migrate more than the wood. And what a job,the heat was probably tough but not like the rain we've been having. You would never get a thing done. Oh,I love the angel wings.

Julie Siegel

Yes, the crispness of the path really enhances the lushness of freer woodland plants. I know intimately what grueling work this is and want to salute and thank you, Linda & Mark! Not just for your labor but for the amazing process you two create and model for us in the garden and in life.


Ah, I love your before-and-after garden posts. The gravel path looks wonderful meandering through those lush plantings. Your temps sound more like our typical June temps--but we've been 10 degrees higher than normal this month, with temps in the upper 90s and 100s. Blech. Stay cool!

Tony Plants

Amazing garden! I wish our looked like that!

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