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Friday, May 27, 2011


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How special that the tulips keep coming up. I have some planted in borders that disappeared for years, but have returned. I hope your neighbors are appreciative of your efforts.

Lisa at Greenbow

This sunny garden looks good despite the drawbacks. I thought that forest grass was for shade. Hmmmm Maybe that is why it doesn't do so well in my garden.


Altoon — I was out working in the traffic island at about 7:15 this morning so there wouldn't be too much traffic. One of the neighbors from down the street stopped to say how great it all looked — until someone hits the sign again! Had to laugh as he is absolutely right.

Lisa — I have forest grass that started in shade until the tree died and it is doing well. So I decided to try a clump in full sun in this rather compromised garden and it is also doing well. Go figure.

I was in a friend's garden the other day and saw lots of things I'm growing that are not doing particularly well, and she had them all growing in completely opposite conditions from mine!


Less is more.

Aaliyah Aldaco

Well that's very unique. Those are very resilient tulips. I never thought tulips could grow on a home garden, much less in an island on the middle of the street. I used to think tulips only grew in special farms on Holland. Thanks to this, I'm seriously considering planting tulips on my own garden.

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