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Thursday, April 28, 2011


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I so admire your neat storage. Mine is very haphazard and messy and I end up more often than not just dumping my most used tools in a wagon or wheelbarrow.
Here's to an end to rain and a beginning of serious gardening!

Barbara H.

I think I asked before - do you rent Mark out?

Great job! I'll have to come back to this for inspiration if I ever get to this point - still have lots of clutter to clear out (story of my life).

Lisa at Greenbow

Harmony in the garage is marvelous. I think you should have painted the wall behind the tools a nice brown color. tee hee. I wonder how long this will last. It wouldn't last long at my house I am afraid. Looks good though.

car storage

Well done on the renovations guys. The careful planning really paid off. Those tools might not have been stored as orderly as they are otherwise.

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