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Friday, January 28, 2011


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What gorgeous rugs! You seem to have a knack for finding wonderful local sources for things. I agree that they really complete the room. Your paperwhites are looking so pretty too.

As an aside I love the fabric on your living room couch.

You must be so pleased with how things turned out.


Thanks Erin — We are very happy with how things turned out.

That gray damask fabric is from a company called Romo. That couch is a garage sale find that I bought in the early 1980s for $35. It had this indestructible 1950s fabric on it and it was years before I could ever figure out a new fabric. I liked too many different things. The couch was a custom made item by a local company and a friend who does upholstery told me to hang onto it and recover it. He said it was made better than almost anything around today!

Of course, by the time we actually re-covered it, the cost was similar to buying a new one.


Wonderful wonderful! I love the rug in the front hallway, just love it. It all looks so beautiful and comfortable.


Gorgeous rugs!!! And I love the couch fabric too. :) So beautiful...

We've just started to settle into our new home, and haven't yet managed to get round to filling our space with proper rugs or more of the artwork we'd wanted (the basics began to cost a bit more than we'd anticipated), but it's so much fun to plan and dream for future acquisitions. Your rugs and pottery choices are inspiring! :)

Barbara H.

Oh, joy! I just realized the My Yahoo reader wasn't loading your blog and skedaddled onto Google to catch up. I see there's lots to read. I, too, love the rug in the entry way. All the rugs are really, really lovely but that one really speaks to me. Perhaps because I saw it first...

It's always amazing how one or two changes to a well established room just brings everything together in ways we didn't anticipate.

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