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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


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S. Adler Sobol

I am so impressed that all you do -- related to house and garden -- is an artistic collaboration between you and Mark. What a satisfying experience it must be for both of you. Two things that struck me -- one being that our homes evolve (the switch from CD/DVD storage to display for a special collection) and second -- the description of the floor covering. It sounds wonderful -- I could tell that your passion for textiles strongly influenced that choice.


You have such wonderful objects that any room would seem homey and wonderful. The view out to the garden is incredible and I love the Chinese armoire (I love hiding electronics although I recently gave up and now have a television dominating my living room). But my absolute favorite thing is the tea bowl niche. I just love it.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your space has turned out so good. The wait was worth it as you know how you like to use your space. I bet you don't want to leave that space very often. Marvelous.


You have such a warm, comfortable space in the library. Everything is delightful: the color, the display of objects and books, the view out to the garden. Enjoy!


Thanks for all your nice comments. Part of me thinks it's a bit over the top to post all these photos of our remodeling, but I love seeing how other folks live — so that is my excuse!

Barbara H.

No, no, not over the top at all! In fact it's a great tutorial on the remodeling process, which is not an easy thing. I can see that the old stair light fixture was a nightmare to change, but the new lights don't look that accessible, either? What's the secret?

tv armoire furniture

It was such a nice post. You have a wonderful idea in remodeling your house. You have such comfortable and warm vicinity. Everything is pleasant. It was a great example of a modern design of a house. You have also a wonderful decoration collection. The view out of the garden is also incredible. Keep on posting such astonishing article.

Cedrick Finly

The remodeling seems to be going well! Everything from the furniture and the windows look wonderful. =)

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