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Friday, October 15, 2010


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kate/high altitude gardening

Discovered you through Carol/May Dreams. My garden is sadly winding down, as well. :( Your toad lilies and are asters are quite pretty though. A great last hurrah for the flower beds.


I, too, found you through Carol's blog. Beautiful photos, and good to be reminded that Heuchera flowers are actually really rather lovely.


Can you believe I have not a single aster in my garden? I really need to remedy that next fall. Hope to see you at Foliage Follow-Up tomorrow.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your blooms are mostly subtle like this time of the year when the sun, air and rain are all subtle.


More beautiful images by Mark; he manages to find new ways to see each plant. The top photo is a marvel.


love those toad lilies. Is that the tricyrtis in the second photo too? It's really pretty.


I have mixed feelings about the end of the season....We don't really have a dramatic end like yours, but, I miss having plants available in nurseries when we can garden most of the year! The toad lily is beautiful~In bud and bloom. gail


I am not familiar with the Tricyrtis macrantha and would never have been able to tell what it was.


Don't you just love cimicifuga? And it smells so wonderful too.


Lovely post...those Toad Lilies are divine!

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