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Monday, July 19, 2010


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Lisa at Greenbow

THese colors will really warm up your interior. Good job.


Isn't it great that we no longer just assume white is the answer for all paint jobs? I love how organized you are about picking colors; the painted boards are a terrific idea. I just tape up color swatches, which aren't nearly sufficient to give a good idea; many disappointments have followed. Your spaces will be beautifully transformed by the color, and I look forward to seeing them.


We learned our lesson after just going with a paint color in a room in a magazine and not thinking about how the room was lit etc. We were just about done painting our room with that color when we both agreed it was all wrong. We went out to lunch and then bought a new color and re-painted the newly painted room.

Now we do big cardboard swatches at the very least. Since we had those bookshelves it seemed like a good idea to use them. I like the group of colors and keep trying to think if there is a way to use the boards somehow.


Love the test board idea (I, too, have had a number of colour disappointments from paint chips).

And those look like some great colours, too.


I totally agree that lighting plays in integral role in the color selection process Next time, if you are out of old book shelves (and you don't want the hassle of priming them) or instead of painting the sample colors on all of your walls try the best new invention on the market today - it's called SMALL WALL paint sample board ( Small Wall is a new lightweight, adhesive backed sample board that you can sample paint color on and reposition around your room on multiple walls to view color in different lighting and in different locations. Unlike posterboard or cardboard, it iwon't warp or absorb the color giving you a true color representation.Best of all, you can preview color without damaging your walls - just take them down when company is coming over - and put them back up later to preview your color. SMALL WALL is a must for your next painting project.



Nice post

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