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Saturday, July 03, 2010


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Lisa at Greenbow

Our Forest Pansy is a mess. It split a couple of years ago. Then recovered from that and then it bent in half, then recovered. It is an amazing tree. I keep wanting to take it out and replace it but my DB says leave it alone. So I am but it certainly is amazing. It is so hot here that it starts losing its color this time of year. Plus it usually drys out this time of year, this year being no exception. Even our grass is going dormant. It is difficult to get rid of a tree when it evidently wants to live.


This is great news. The leaves that did emerge are certainly robust, and a beautiful color. I hope the recovery continues and that next spring you see some blossoms.
Happy 4th!


Patience is virtue with plants, I guess. What's there looks great, though.

Barbara H.

Thanks so much for the update! I'm very happy and relieved and thrilled at how well it's doing.


Oh dear, I didn't know that Forest Pansy had such issues. I planted one just last fall. Of course, it won't have to deal with the same kind of weather but it did sail through the extremely cold winter we had (for down here).

Guess I'll see you and Mark soon in Buffalo. Looking forward to it!

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