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Sunday, July 18, 2010


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I've always been a sucker for tile mosaics, but my favorite is that crystal "dripping" out of the faucet!


I love one more than the next!

Lisa at Greenbow

These are unique. I love the foundation tiling. WOW.


That last shot put a big smile on my face, thanks!

Rae Kaiser

Love the crystal/pail shot. Especially like the rustiness against the facets of the crystal... Nice.


That crystal water droplet is so cool! Great blog - I'm really enjoying it!

Martha B.

The crystal droplet is such a clever is it attached?


it IS nice to have an extra pair of eyes to point out details that otherwise you'd miss... thanks for being our eyes and sharing such wonderful details with us! love the mosaic birdbath (how perfectly the flowers float on the surface and mimic the tile work). wouldn't have thought to mosaic the foundation... crystal fountain, cute. also love the branch perches on the houses... perfect!

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