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Sunday, January 17, 2010


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Martha B.


What a great photo. I'm curious...what is the history of the log cabin? Is it still standing?


That photo is a treasure.


What an amazing photo; and to think that your family were pioneers.

I remember my grandmother's house being full of gardenia plants, always blooming with that amazing scent. When I tried to grow them, I was a complete flop; every bud dropped.

Lisa at Greenbow

That photo is precious. GG was way ahead of her time. Or are we just way behind the times??


Thanks for all your comments. Mark says that the cabin was her "winter home." Her husband ran a lumber camp during the winter and every time they moved the camp, the men would build her a new log cabin at the site of the new camp. She had a more typical home during the summer. But, of course, it's the winter that's the difficult season to get through!


This is really an extraordinary photograph. I love the contrast between the rough-hewn logs and the delicate bulbs.

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