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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


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Deborah at Kilbourne Grove

Linda, you are constantly ahead of me. I love Monty (would leave my husband for him) and have all of his books, even The Prickotty Bush (which no one has ever heard of). I just read about the Ivington Diaries yesterday, and here you already have it.


I think "The Jewel Garden" is one of the best books ever — gardening or otherwise. They are an amazing couple with an equally amazing garden. But reading about them, you realize life has not been the piece of cake it appears at first glance. I've heard of The Prickotty Bush but never read or even seen a copy, so you have me there!

Sarah Laurence

That is really helpful to hear about the Book Depository for English titles and free shipping! Those are nice botanical prints.

I reviewed a Wisconsin author's new release today and thought of you since it set in Madison: But Not for Long by Michelle Wildgen. You'll like the food/farming angle of it too.

Julie Siegel

Linda: Thanks, as always, for expanding my world! Love the Angie Lewin images (pink & grey an eternal combo). Looked up the other two on-line and really like the Edward Bawden's work two. Quite different are his somber WWI watercolors at The Tate. Did you see those?

Helen at Toronto Gardens


I'm also a fan of the work of illustrators, and these are particularly appealing. Thanks for the link, which I've bookmarked.


These are all great folks and I'm sure you'll enjoy having that link.

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