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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


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Lisa at Greeenbow

You have plenty of interest in your fall garden. I like the millstone.

Monica the Garden Faerie

I love fall! I also like the windy hydrangea shot--at first I thought it was a macro of clematis pods! :)

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove

I prefer your subtle beauty over the brighter show at your neighbours.


It helps me stay subtle knowing it's really bright nearby! I enjoy looking over the fence, but it's no longer the look I want outside my window.


Hi Linda and Mark, a wonderful look into your fall garden. The star fruit is striking, I am not familiar with it and will check it out. Annabelle grows well here too, with our droughty summers even. What a plant to grow well in such diverse sites as our gardens. I like to leave the heads on to brighten the winter landscape under our tall pines. It's kind of dark in there. Your garden is always a pleasure to tour. :-)


I really like that last shot, looking through the fence. All your garden scenes are lovely, but you've whetted my appetite for maple color to come. We don't have good fall color here in Austin, at least not in the trees, so I get my fix on northern blogs.


Frances — you had some pretty great shots yourself on your fall post. It's really interesting to see all the variations around the country. The starfruit is a pond/bog plant and something I just stumbled on at the nursery, but I love it.

Pam — we get some pretty good color in our garden from the trees. But I am surprised that things in the area are starting to turn already. Very dry here and it's hard to know if that or the cool summer have much of an effect on such things. Seems like no matter what you figure out one year, it's a new ball game the next year!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter

I love this post, with all its ideas for autumn. I wish I had known about Japanese Anemone's thuggish tendencies when I planted mine, but they are hard to beat for fall bloom. Your mystery "Asters" are so charming, and their color is so soft and subtle. I think I need to plant a cordifolius near my pink Anemone now.


MMD — I am going to try to cut back the spreading ends of the Anemone; but it is so lovely I don't want to take it out. Are you growing Bottle Gentian in your garden? The one you snapped at the prairie was gorgeous!

Nan Ondra

Thanks for sharing your early fall garden with us, Linda. I bet things have progressed quite a bit over the past few weeks. That star fruit plant is really neat; I've never seen it before!


Thanks, Nan. I am looking forward to your round-up.

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