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Friday, July 17, 2009


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Barbara H.

I love D. E. Stevenson's books. She has written many, including the Mrs. Tim books. I actually prefer her other titles over the Buncle and Mrs. Tim books.

Sometimes you can find them in libraries, though they are old enough that many have been weeded out because of condition. Used copies can be very spendy. Many were issued in large print. A friend introduced me to her books years ago and I re-read the ones I own periodically.


Barbara — I was just reading the intro for MIss Buncle and thinking about reading more, so thanks for your comments. I discovered a number of titles at our University library so I am going to check them out. One is the first Mrs. Tim but I don't recognize any other titles. Neither of the other Miss Buncle titles are available there, however.


Excellent, I'm so glad you'll be joining us :)

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