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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


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Wow, like the rest of your projects, this is impressive and ambitious! Your craftsmanship is superb.

Pam/Digging (Austin)

Yes, everything does take longer than one plans. Your tea house looks good so far, and I know it will be superb when finished.

Lisa at Greeenbow

How can you stand the unfinished tea house?? You must be the most patient person on the planet. I would be fretting over the project. It will be wonderful when finished. I could just see you tugging and moving the stones..then coming to a creek. OMG. It is amazing what we can do when we really want to.


Katie — As always, Mark is a great craftsman.

Pam — We just started a project that should take a week or so, but it's too hot to work on it — and we're both busy with our jobs. So, as you note, who knows how long it will really take.

Lisa — SHE SAID: I am the patient one! I just told Mark that if we had done one of the versions of this project that was just a sitting platform with a roof, we'd have been done two years ago!


It's fantastic...and it looks wonderful unfinished...that is a sign of art!


The tea house is a wonderful compliment to the pond and vice versa. It is beautiful in each stage of its development. It is wonderful seeing something being built with intense attention to detail.

Randell Jeffries

Good job in finishing the foundation, and the shingle support. The way you constructed the frames, it looks durable enough to withstand anything. By the way, what type of roof were you going to use? Were you planning on putting a unique design on the roof?

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