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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


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Helen at Toronto Gardens

Great set of images. And, ooo, Buffalo in 2010. Close to home!


Nice shots but that last picture is hilarious! Looks like a great time.

Susan Sobol

More please! If you have 300 photographs, this was just a tease. Thanks, Linda. Susan


Linda: So happy to meet you and see Chicago through your eyes! Glad to hear you both got home safely and now, back to gardening.


Linda, I loved getting to meet you both! Didn't we have a great SF! Your photos capture the trip perfectly and I loved the garden next to Millennium Park with the poppies, too! gail


It was a pleasure to meet you both! I've around 300 photos also and will be culling through them for quite a while - enjoying the posts & photos of others. I've been so busy since I got back I've not had much time for posting. You've got a collection of some very unique shots I'm sure no one else has.

So, still posting five times a week?

Pam/Digging (Austin)

I took more than 400 photos and will be posting about SF all week, probably. Loved seeing your pics, Mark. More please!


Pam, Jim, and everyone — It was great to meet you all in person. It will make reading your blogs a different experience from now on. Mark is working on a slide show. And, yes, still posting 5 times a week but I have a strong feeling that is about to come to an end.


I love not only your selection of photos but the obvious talent of the photographer. It was great to meet you and Mark and I hope we meet again. Good luck on the job search!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter

I thought I left a comment - I remember noticing the name Zhan Wang (like Jackie Chan's character in "Shanghai Noon"). Anyway, it was great meeting you both in Chicago. I'm glad we had a chance to talk on the bus.


Hi Mark and Linda, what Pam said. :-)


Wow, I only took a couple hundred, but none I am sure, as good as yours. It was great meeting you two; you are just as cool as I knew you would be.

Glad we can welcome you back to Buff next year Linda.

Lisa at Greeenbow

A nice sampling of photos. I think it is funny I took almost the same photo in Carolyn's garden of the cherub on the fence. Wasn't the detail on all of the buildings in the RR garden amazing. Obviously a labor of love for the man who creates those buildings for them.


Nice to meet you both and thanks for the great photos and story .

I'm sorry to say that the one you made of the jeep in the front yard is a sad case of an abandoned property due to bankruptcy. His son collected antique and odd vehicles.

With this economy god only knows how long we will have to look at the blight of this once beautiful home and garden .


Lisa — those railroad buildings were quite amazing. I was glad we went in and saw that set up.

Carolyn — Your neighbor's house really brings home the reality of this economic mess we're in. This post is related and might interest you:

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