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Monday, May 18, 2009


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Pam/Digging (Austin)

I adore orange, and I think it's great that you put a show-stopper of an orange tulip out where everyone can appreciate it--and where it is "nicely set off" by the yellow traffic paint! :-)


Generally speaking, I think orange works better where the light is really bright — namely hot climates. But I have to admit that I've cut some of these orange tulips to bring indoors and am out there daily checking them out. They are definitely dramatic!


I planted Princess Irene this year as well. They came latest of all the tulips for me. It's a very odd flower. I really like it but the colors were more wacky in real life than i was expecting...
I love the island garden by the way!


You're right; the colors are quite an unusual combination and not easy to capture with the camera.

I usually try to work in the island garden on Sundays when there's not much traffic. Even if drivers slow down, it still is a pretty exposed location to be down on your knees!


Wasn't this the winter mess of an island?


Yup! A trucker ran over it and knocked down the sign in January. About a week later, a city worker dug up the island and put in a new sign. A few things are missing but all the fancy bulbs seem OK. Amazing, really.

Marilyn Kircus

I love your tulip pictures. Tulips and sweet peas are my favorite flowers but I'm been without both most of my life. Here in the Texas Hill Country, I haven't mastered growing any kind of peas and we don't have enough chill days for tulips.

But we do get to garden all year around and can have something to eat from the garden twelve months of the year.

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So beautiful flower i like this so much,tulips is one of my favorite flower thank you for posting.


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My favourite flower... fantastic colours...Very cool pictures...

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