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Friday, February 27, 2009


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Very interesting and well done review. I would have trouble reading it though as my 27 year old son met a similar fate.


Thanks for your comment. It is a difficult book, especially given that her best friend wrote it. I think it may be something that is easier to read if one is more distant from the subject.


I have been debating reading this. Your post makes me think I might go ahead and do so.


I'm not familiar with the work of Iris Chang, but I remember hearing about her death. Interesting points about mental illness and Asian Americans. I'm sure Amy Tan has written about depression in The Opposite of Fate. I'll check it out.


Becky and Nicola — A very worthwhile read. As I said, I think some of the mental health and cultural info that Kamen discovers is very interesting. And I particularly liked the thread of the book about research and writing and the questions to ask.

K. Fulton

I disagree that this book was a tribute to Iris. I really hated this book. Iris seemed to confide in Paula and the only thing Paula can do is write about explaining that Iris had a mental illness? It should be noted that Iris' parents and many many in the Chinese community were not happy with the book. Aside from that, this book is really about Paula's self indulgence and how she feels about death. Iris was one of a kind. This book is covering something up. Paula should be ashamed.

K. Fulton

For more on this story: see here:

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