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Friday, February 20, 2009


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I definitely go for the crazy gardener lady look, Linda. Floppy straw hat (the sun is brutal here), sunscreen, light-colored t-shirt, loose-fitting pants, and gardening clogs with socks (so as not to feel the dirt that gets in them). No gloves usually, which means I always have dirt-stained hands and ragged nails--not pretty.

I should live in a cold climate because I overheat easily and am always red-faced and sweaty when the temperature gets over 80 degrees. Oh well. Bloom where you're planted, right? I may be a mess when I work in the garden, but the plants don't seem to mind.


Pam — When the temperature gets over 75 degrees here I start to fade! I've had years where I was out there in 80+ weather digging new beds and moving huge clumps of daylilies and hostas but I get pretty cranky when it's that warm. When it's like that I sit under the apple trees and weed the moss garden. It's best to do barehanded but it's also the home of squishly slugs — so disgusting to pickup unexpectedly. I think all of us gardeners could easily be identified by our hands!

Joni Webb

I love that picture of you working!!!!! too cute. about 20 years ago my mother in law and I put in our garden. she was visiting us from out of town and didn't have proper gardening clothes - so she borrowed my sweats that were too big. I will never forget that sight of her for one week, caked in dirt, with sweats barely holding up. Thanks for the memories.


Hi Joni! Sometimes ya just gotta wear what's there. I always think of you in your gorgeous house, never outdoors and dirty ...hmmmm.


Ewww-picking up an unexpected slug! Hate that!! I don't know that an expected slug is any better though!

I don't have any particular gardening garb, but I am pretty susceptible to mosquitos, and so I always put on Cactus Juice, which doubles as sunscreen. It's not all chemically nasty like Off! and it doesn't turn you into an oily mess like Skin So Soft, and it works really well. We buy it by the case and keep some under the sinks in our bathrooms and kitchen, some in the car, some in the beach bag...wherever.


I tried to put in a link for the Cactus Juice, but it doesn't look like it took. If you want to check it out, it's here:

(I don't get a commission or anything off of this, I just like it!)


Dear Dreamy — thanks for the information and the link to the Cactus Juice! I am going to have to check it out. It is definitely something that a cold climate gardener would not hear about except by this kind of back-and-forth on the Web.

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