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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


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Carol, May Dreams Gardens

I am in awe of your watering can collection, and have serious watering can envy for those Haws watering cans. Oh, my gardening life will not be complete without a least one Haws watering can, if not two! How could I have gone for so long without one! My own paltry watering cans seem inadequate now. An even dozen... should you get more, your collection would be unbalanced, so better send them my way!

Leslie Kuss

Oh my gosh I love the purse! And I love the shot of the cans being herded...they seem very well behaved.


Carol — thanks so much for stopping by. I really had fun with this idea and you deserve the credit. On a serious note, I have to say those big Haws cans are worth every penny. They are beautifully balanced and the narrow neck keeps water from spilling out as you carry them.


Leslie — just stopped by your blog and I must say I am very jealous of those temps. It was about 22 degrees when we were shooting the photos yesterday.

And I love that purse, too. I almost got a hot pink one and my husband saw the silver one and pointed it out to me. I think that's what makes it so much fun — it looks like a galvanized can! Thanks for stopping and commenting.


Ooh! Carol really started something here! While I love my cans, some of which are quite ratty, I am loving yours, including the purse. I may have to go back on the hunt!


I love your poses, too, by the way!


Sue — I am guessing that it is easier for Carol to store her hoes than for us to find space for more watering cans. I haven't bought any for quite a while because I don't have room for them indoors in the garage in the winter. But they are so interesting ...

We really got in the mood and had fun doing the pictures.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter

OMG, ROTFL! That is brilliant! I love watering cans. Someday I hope to get a Haws can. I can see how easy it would be to start collecting them.


Glad you got a chuckle out of my post. I would love to have more Haws cans but they are too expensive for me these days. I justified the cost at the time as an "anniversary present."

Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening

Great photos to go along with the post. I love it when a blogger gets into the silliness. Your name sounds familiar. Are you in GWA?


Might I be admonished for bringing to your attention the neglectful mentioning of plastic watering cans? Or, as I suppose, is the mere mention of plastics taboo? (What with all the "greenheads" now.)


Kathy — Yeah, I really got into it! And yes, I am a member of GWA but I contacted you a couple of years ago when I was just starting to notice garden bloggers and was trying to figure it all out. You were very gracious answering all my email inquiries. Thanks for stopping by.


TC — you may mention plastic. I have a ton of plastic buckets and plastic (well, rubber) rakes etc. But I like the aesthetics of galvanized cans. I even have a big galvanized party tray!

When I visit my sister in PA, I usually drive through Cleveland. I can see from your botanic garden pix that next time I have to schedule a stop. Loved your corn and black gum pix. It's windy and cold here and feeling more like January than November.

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