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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


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Do you know about the 1990's BBC show called Peter Rabbit? It's sort of live action and overlay??? Here's a link to the credits song, which is gorgeous.
I remember watching this show with my young cousins at their house in Gloustershire.


Thanks — I will look for it.

The biography is fascinating reading and shows that Potter was much more interesting than the recent movie, "Miss Potter," suggests.


Thank you for this interesting post! I am going to get Potter's biography next. And mushrooms are so interesting. I never saw a red-topped mushroom until I moved to England.


I think you will enjoy the Potter biography. Well written and documented, nice assortment of photos.

I really read it because of seeing the movie "Miss Potter." Now I know that Beatrix, her books and her life were all more complex and interesting than the movie begins to suggest.

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