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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


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rusty duck

Love Fred and Ethel!
You're right, wildlife in the garden is just as precious as plants (as long as they don't get too hungry..). You're so lucky to have ducks. Do they breed on your pond?

Lisa at Greenbow

Ha...I look forward to seeing Fred and Ethel too. I was just wondering the same thing, do they nest in your garden? I would think if they did you would have more than one pair in your garden by now. We used to have a pair of mallards strut through our garden years ago. It was fun seeing them but since the city filled the ditch by our house and we put up a fence I don't see them now. They didn't ever nest here they stopped by for a neighborly sashay through the garden for a couple of days before moving on.


The ducks go somewhere else to nest. I think there are too many dogs and cats etc. for them to feel safe in a suburban neighborhood. We think they go to a large nearby park with a big pond. They have brought ducklings to the pond a couple of times, however.

Assuming this is the original pair of ducks, they are getting on in years. Hate to think of the garden without their presence.

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