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Wednesday, February 05, 2014


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Lisa at Greenbow

How nice that you have companionable gardeners next door. I don't have. My neighbors are nice as can be but they aren't really what I call gardeners. They are more of a cut and pave type of people. My neighbor offered me some of her brick-like stacking stones and even offered to continue her wall over to our garden. I about fainted at the thought. tee hee. Both of your gardens are looking great. Can't wait to see it this spring too.


I long for gardening neighbors. Mine are nice enough, but their attentions lie elsewhere.

Cindy at enclos*ure

The forsythia branches through the fence are perfect! (A little forsythia goes a long way.)

Your great neighbors are pretty lucky as well.


Cindy — you are right about the Forsythia. And in years when frost gets the bloom we don't really care since it just blends into the background then. Our neighbors often bring their friends on tours of our garden!


That is SO much more beautiful than a sloping lawn would be. You are both lucky to have each other as neighbors.

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