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Friday, December 06, 2013


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Lisa at Greenbow

I don't cage any plants. I should have a time or two. I will if I ever plant a tiny tree or shrub again. Last year I had no garden dog and the rabbits moved in and ate several hostas and other plants. I had not had that trouble for a long time. This coming growing year I hope to not worry because I have a dog again. Annie dislikes any furry creature roaming her territory.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

I use any and all methods of caging. For some I use that half-inch hardwire like you've shown, for others I just use a tomato cage wrapped with that plastic deer fencing. I usually put a good dose of finely chopped leaves in as well to offer additional root protection. This year I also had to be sure to protect the new questionable hardy dogwood tree, which required a rather elaborate and large teepee-type structure made out of very large garden stakes and deer fencing with a lot of chopped leaves. I can't say my garden is very attractive in winter, but I'm more worried about what it looks like come spring.

Rusty Duck

I use exactly the same hard wire as you have shown in your last pic. I'd love to have some of the more rustic style cages (top) but they wouldn't be practical here. Tiny mice would creep in through the gaps and pheasants would poke their beaks in!


I'm still learning the hard way. The scraps of wire cages never go up until the damage is already done. Someday I'll catch on.


Since Erin also lives in Wisconsin I think that may be part of the reason we're both so big on cages. But Rusty Duck is right: those pretty ones won't stop many critters.

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