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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


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Lisa at Greenbow

While I understand your need (and Mark's) to make a break I will sure miss your thoughtful posts and the beautiful photos that go along with them. You have introduced me to interesting books, thoughts and of course I always enjoy a stroll through your garden. Enjoy the holidays... enjoy life.


This is bittersweet. I love your blog and your perception and the photos and views. Yet I understand that by sharing with us a glimpse, that is sharing so much and the work involved. I wish you all the best and hope to read your words again someday.

Cindy at enclos*ure

I hoping very much that this will just be temporary and that you will give us a garden/life in Madison update from time to time.

Have a happy, peaceful, restful holiday season!

Barbara H.

You and Mark will be greatly missed. I'm so happy to hear that Mark has a show coming up - that's exciting. I've learned much from you, Linda. Enjoy being in the world without the pressure of blogging. It's a big commitment of time and energy. I know you'll find outlets for your thoughtfulness, perspectives, and creativity. All the best to both of you.


It is nice to take a break once in a while on with something else but I do hope a break is all this is. I often feel that I repeat a lot especially with photo shots but what the heck, I enjoy doing it however many people read what I have to say. Enjoy your respite.

Erin @The Impatient Gardener

I certainly understand! You deserve a break. But I know journalists and I know we can't resist telling a good story when we see it, so I expect and hope you'll be back (even if its just for occasional posting). Enjoy your break and don't be a stranger!

sandy lawrence

I comment only occasionally but always read your posts, which are an inspiration. You will be missed! I like the idea of a nice break, however, and wish you the most lovely of holidays.


Oh, I am sorry to hear you'll be taking a hiatus, which I hope isn't permanent; I will miss your posts. But I can completely understand your feeling about it and wish you all the best during your break.

And congratulations to Mark on his show! I wish him all the best with it and hope he'll find a way to share some of his images with us.


Have a good sabbatical. I understand the time commitment and reach for fresh topics or fresh takes on familiar topics. You're unique voice(s) will be missed!


Please enjoy your blogcation, you will both be missed.


Enjoy your break (however long it may be). I have enjoyed reading your posts and getting to "know" you. :0)


Your blog has been a wonderful introduction to Madison and gardening in Wisconsin for me and a joy in so many other ways as well. I can't tell you the number of times one of your posts has led to great learning, eating, sightseeing opportunities I would have missed otherwise (and some great plant purchases too!). I'll be reading more of those books you've recommended while you take a break from blogging. I'd love to see you return to it of course but expect that wherever this break takes you, it will wind up being
fulfilling for you and inspiring for others. All the best!

Nicole Gotthelf

Will miss these blogs but I am sure you will have something wonderful after your hiatus. Always a joy to read your blog and see Mark's pictures. Thanks for these 50 months of blogging!


I totally understand...take care.

Julie Siegel

I'm joining the eloquent Chorus here...Mostly I will miss your unique mix of the personal and the political. We have been so fortunate to experience the years of experience in Journalism and Art that you and Mark have brought to the blog, all the while generously sharing minute details of your gardening life. Thank you and Good Luck on the next part of your path.


Linda, I'm late coming to your announcement, and boy am I surprised to hear it. I will miss your posts and Mark's photos and the sense of connectedness with you guys that a blog allows, even across a thousand miles. But I understand the need for a break and hope it gives you renewed inspiration for future posts. If not, well, it's been grand! Please do stop by Digging from time to time to say hello.


I think that's a great idea. Not that I don't like reading your posts but it sounds like it'll be worthwhile. I have also had the same thoughts about not having something new to say. So don't worry, when you do have something to say just pop right back! Maybe you can take the time out to become your own photographer. :-)

Kathrine Laycock

I love your blog and Madison and Wisconsin. I am
so delighted to share your life and insights again.
Thanks. Love to know your interests of gardens and
books and good food....are shared!!

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