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Sunday, October 14, 2012


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Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Your fall garden is gorgeous. We're enjoying the rain here as well. It put a bit of a damper on my garden clean-up, but I'm happy to set that aside for a weekend in favor of a nice, steady, two-day rain.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your garden looks beautiful with a coat of rain on it. Love this rainy fall weather. We are still way behind in rain too. It is looking better with every rainfall though. Great photos Mark. Have a good week.


Beautiful pictures! I really like the maple triptych.

Linda Brazill

Erin — Same here; much prefer to hold off on clean-up if rain is the reason!

Lisa — Looks like the rain is done but more is forecast for later this week. Hope it happens!


Your garden is lovely, as are your posts and Mark's photos. Thank you.

Barbara H.

So sorry about the wet basement but so glad you've had rain. You've caught up with us in the lack of rainfall department - that's not good. Beautiful pictures, Mark. We had sun breaking through the mist this morning after an overnight rainfall and I, too, got lured outside.

Curt Heuer

I just love your pictures but also how the rain inspires our blogs. In a day or two I'll be posting what we did while it poured for two days - made chili. We could use Mark's shop vac as well.


I agree that this last batch of weather made for some great photographic opportunities. The photos of your garden are lovely!


The colors in your garden are gorgeous. How I miss the colors of the changing seasons in northern climates. Thank you for showing those in your garden.

Julie Siegel

I'd keep the photographer :)

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